bluetooth adapter for i700

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  • BlueSender 2.5

    BlueSender is a bluetooth advertising application that enables you to transfer files from a computer equipped with a bluetooth adapter to all bluetooth devices such as telephones, PDAs and others within a range of
  • Bluetooth Command Line Tools

    bluetooth Command Line Tools contains a set of command line utilities for Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7. These utilities allow you to configure bluetooth adapter, discover remote bluetooth devices and their services,
  • Bluetooth Driver Installer

    Get bluetooth to work with the Microsoft bluetooth stack. This small freeware utility will try to install generic Microsoft driver for your bluetooth adapter. It works for most (but not all) bluetooth adapters, both USB
  • BlueDemand 1.0

    BlueDemand is a bluetooth File Download System can allow bluetooth enabled mobile phones search from a files database and download them without any cost. BlueDemand can be installed in any Laptop or PC equipped with an
  • AreaBluetooth Proximity Marketing Light 2.0

    Areabluetooth is an innovative and intuitive software application of bluetooth Wireless Technology, it can send multimedia messages to most mobile phones in the neighbourhood without any cost. Our software can be
  • Apple Bluetooth Firmware Updater 1.2.1

    Provides improvements in the update installation process and improved performance and reliability. The bluetooth Firmware Updater is for D-Link USB adapters (revision B2 or later), and Apple internal bluetooth
  • Bemused 1.73

    Bemused is a software that will allow you to control your music collection from your phone, using bluetooth Bemused is a software that will allow you to control your music collection from your phone, using
  • Cylosoft Fast Bluetooth Switcher

    bluetooth is great, but it drains your cell phone or pda's precious battery. To quickly turn your bluetooth on or off you need Fast bluetooth Switcher. Just run the shortcut and Fast bluetooth Switcher will turn you
  • Fast Bluetooth Switcher 1.0.1

    Now you can switch on or off your bluetooth without draining your PDA'S or cell phones batteries by using handy software application Fast bluetooth Switcher. As its name indicates, it turns on/of bluetooth quickly. It
  • Bluetooth Stack Switcher

    Switch between different bluetooth stacks in just several seconds or less, with two mouse clicks. No reboot required. Note, bluetooth Stack Switcher does not contain any bluetooth drivers, all needed bluetooth stacks
  • BlueTunes 2.81

    Control your computer music and video collection using the Nintendo Wii remote BlueTunes is a program that will allow you to use the Nintendo remote (Wiimote) as a Remote Control for your computer music and video
  • Bluetooth Drivers For Windows XP Utility 2 4

    Get official bluetooth Drivers for your Windows XP system. bluetooth Drivers for Windows XP Utility scans your computer for missing, corrupt, and outdated bluetooth drivers and automatically updates them to the latest,
  • WCL Phone Explorer 2.0.2

    WCL PhoneExplorer allows the user to manage files on user's mobile phone, PDA or any other OBEX-enabled device, connected through bluetooth. The program has been designed to be extremely easy to use.The WCL PhoneExplorer
  • Bluetooth Advertising software 7.0

    bluetooth Advertising Software is a bluetooth advertising marketing software application that allows businesses to deliver advertising files direct to consumers' cell phones and mobile devices via bluetooth. bluetooth
  • Bluetooth Drivers For Windows Vista Utility 2 3

    Get official bluetooth Drivers for your Windows Vista system. bluetooth Drivers for Windows Vista Utility scans your computer for missing, corrupt, and outdated bluetooth drivers and automatically updates them to the
  • BizTalk Adapter for WSE 2.0 Service Pack 1.0

    Microsoft BizTal adapter for WSE 2.0 is an add-on product which can be used with Microsoft BizTalk Server 2004 and Microsoft BizTalk Server 2006. BizTalk adapter for WSE 2.0 enables interoperability between BizTalk
  • Bluesock 1.0

    Windows bluetooth Socket API implementation of JSR-82. * This project aims to wrap the Microsoft Windows bluetooth API's with JSR-82 using JNI. * Windows XP Service Pack 2 and the Platform SDK is required to access
  • Wired WiFi Switcher Beta

    This program (written as a Windows Service) disables less preferred adapters when a more preferred adapter has a connection. Typically, this program would be used to disable WiFi adapter when connected to Wired Ethernet
  • WinDS3 2.1.0

    Now you can connect PS3 controller (Dualshock3/Sixaxis) with your PC on Windows platforms by using powerful driver WinDS3. It allows you to use PS3 controller as normal wireless joypad as well as it also supports to
  • Bluevertise 1.0

    Bluevertise comes with 100 uses from nightclubs to large events and is a great way of getting information to customers You have reached the home of Bluevertise the leading application for proximity marketing over
  • Winamp Bluetooth Control 1.0

    Winamp bluetooth Control - Control your Winamp with bluetoothWinamp bluetooth Control (WBC) is a tool for controlling Winamp with a mobile phone, through bluetooth device. Tested on SonyEricsson.To use this tool you will
  • BizTalk Utilities Content 2004 and 2006 1.0

    BizTalk Utilities is a suite of connectors and adapters for Microsoft BizTalk 2006 and 2004. BizTalk Utilities adapter for Databases BizTalk Utilities adapter for Messaging BizTalk Utilities adapter for SAP BizTalk
  • Bluetooth Radar 2.2

    The bluetooth Radar software was developed to be a WPF 4.0 application built in Visual Studio 2010 (RTM). In the past couple of years bluetooth become an important protocol for computers and mobile devices, many times I
  • Bluetooth Passport PRO for Vista 2.0

    bluetooth Passport is designed to implement proximity login and steps away lock for Windows. Using a bluetooth device, such as a cell phone or a PDA, you can login Windows without inputting user name and password
  • BlueServer 1.00

    BlueServer is an easy-to-use program for monitoring bluetooth devices It can discover and track any bluetooth device And Recive any files from any bluetooth enabled deviceMain features: Easy to use, simple, intuitive
  • Bluetooth Promoter 24x7 1.25.0

    This is software for proximity advertising via bluetooth connectivity (bluetooth Marketing). Proximity Promoter 24x7 provides free transmission of any files (TXT, MP3, JPG, 3GP, MP4, vCal, vCard) to any bluetooth devices
  • ZylSerialPortAX 1.45

    ZylSerialPortAX is a thread based asynchronous serial port ActiveX control.Use ZylSerialPortAX control to easily communicate with external devices on serial port connection, such as modems, bar code readers, GSM modules
  • BLUETOOTH(R) Framework X 5.2

    bluetooth(R) Framework X(tm) is an easy-to-use communication library for C++, VB, VB.NET, C# and other developers which will allow to your applications communicate with mobile devices through bluetooth(R), IrDA or Serial
  • KBluetooth 0.4RC1

    Kbluetooth is a program which aims to provide a complete application for the usage of bluetooth within KDE. This is a continuation of kde-bluetooth, but with a very different philosophy, we\'re going to focus first in
  • Medieval Bluetooth Network Scanner

    This program can analyze and scan your bluetooth network, giving detailed informations about local and remote devices found. You can also browse supported services of each device in a clear and straightforward